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Mellay Mews - New Residential Home

Situated in a new subdivision of Mosgiel, this newly built home showcases an unobstructed view of the Silverstream. It's a contemporary, stylish home, delivered within the budget.


Todd Ford Builder

Client Brief

The clients came to us in 2019 with a strong vision of what they wanted for their new home, both in terms of the floorplan and the style. They’re a young family with three children, so creating functional spaces was key. Another item on the clients’ wishlist was a chapel style ceiling.

There were height restrictions we had to be cautious of, as the property is in the fly zone of Dunedin airport.

The Concept

On a functional level, we made the hallway larger and worked out the main living spaces. We also created a breakout media room for the kids to use as they get older. With the clients, we worked through the functionality of the kitchen, with a scullery behind it, which in turn leads to the laundry and on to the garage.
We spent time thinking about the size of the entry, to achieve a good compromise between size and functionality.
To give the clients a chapel ceiling, we opted for scissor trusses instead of rafters, which can be quite expensive. The end result has the same dramatic effect, flowing from the main living space right through to the outside.

The Process

In close collaboration with the builder, we developed the concept and plans, ready for council approval. A steel beam was added to allow for the installation of a larger window above the living area.

The clients had asked for the cladding to be a mix of plaster and cedar, but because of timing and pricing, we decided on larch, which resulted in a spectacular look the clients are loving.

The Result

The dramatic effect achieved by scissor trusses in the living area, combined with outstanding craftsmanship really bring this home together. For us here at Spotted Ink, it’s the subtle things that complete a project, like the seamless connection of timber cladding under the living room gable.

What we especially love about this project is that everything came together really well. The timber runs from the underside of the soffit, which is white and crisp. Complemented by the organic timber above the outdoor sitting area, capturing the view to the Silverstream.

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