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Glenbrook Drive - New Residential Home

The section of this newly built home is located in an established area of Mosgiel, meaning the home is surrounded by houses from various decades.


Todd Ford Builder

Client Brief

A recommendation by previous clients and their builder brought Spotted Ink on board - as is often the case here in Dunedin. The couple looking to build this new home were downsizing as their children had left home. They went from a large home to a smaller, three bedroom home with double garage and office space.

When they came to Spotted Ink, the clients had some strong ideas around various design aspects of the house. For example, they requested the unique pitch to the roof. They asked to have no eaves, and for a u-shaped floorplan. Combined with the aspect, this would guarantee all day sun to the living room and master bedroom, as well as shelter from the wind. So a lot of consideration went to the natural environment, while still providing privacy from the street.

The Concept

Having built in the past, the clients new what they wanted, in terms of functionality and design. So one of the challenges of this project was to stay true to the clients’ design vision, while also making the exterior work on the site and its surroundings - and then to convey all these specifications to the builder, so he could deliver a home, not just a house.

The Process

The Spotted Ink team really enjoyed working with this client. They brought a lot of creativity, and didn’t want the house to look like everybody else’s, aiming for something really fresh and exciting. So when choosing materials like the cladding - we chose Abodo - we were able to find creative solutions. The end result, we think, is a beautiful blend of materials, complementing each other as well as the natural, established environment.

Inside the home, a lot of thought went into the size and placement of the fireplace and its ventilation, as well as the TV. We decided on a cantilevered hearth, and the TV was mounted so that all cables were hidden within the wall framing.

Another focal point during the design phase was the layout of the kitchen and location of the bench. Paying attention to the practical details, we ensured to allow enough space for the bulk of the curtains to fit between the bench and the wall framing.

The bathroom’s layout once again focuses on functionality: the vanity has been built to maximise usable surface space while not encroaching on the size of the separate toilet. And the flow continues throughout the master suite with a well thought out walk-in wardrobe as well as deck access out to the spa.

Extensive landscaping was also done, which we feel really completes the overall vision of this project. For example, the gabion baskets complement the exterior of the home.

The Result

“The knowledge that we were part of building a home, not just a house, makes me happy with every finished project. With Glenbrook Drive, I am especially proud of how the combination of material choices, environmental considerations and a focus on functionality came together. The builder’s attention to detail produced a stunning and cohesive finished design” says Stef Chittock, owner of Spotted Ink.

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